Askmir.org is the place to come to when you need to know what questions to ask your health care providers. For a small fee, we will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire about you and the particular doctor you will be seeing. For instance, if you’ve just been diagnosed with a chronic illness, such as lupus, we will be able to help you go into your next doctor’s appointment armed with questions you need to ask your doctor in order to be sure you understand your illness and the treatments that are available.

We also will have short booklets available, also for a small fee, that will deal directly with individual illnesses and diseases. At the back of each booklet will be a short list of questions you need to ask yourself and your doctor.

We also have lists of information you need to take to your doctor so he or she knows exactly what is going on with you.

The more information you give your doctor and the more questions you ask, the better informed you will be in taking care of yourself. You must be your own advocate in this health care environment and we can help you.


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